Our Mission

As an energy service company, our goal is simple, we help our customers buy, to save. We supply and install LED’s, Solar, Energy Storage, HVAC, lighting controls and much more. Our strong partnerships and our focus on our customers break-even and return on investment are what drives our core value to you. Product pricing and labor cost can significantly impact the results, therefore, we provide lean product and labor cost and the results are lower pay-break period, higher return on investment and significant utility savings.

If you are doing a new construction, remodeling, or buying an existing building, our services will help you increase your cash flow, support the environment and be a more competitive for leased space.

Our quest to discover savings doesn’t stop with equipment and technology upgrades. Utility and telecom audits under our shared savings program provide an additional avenue to discover savings.


Solar Energy

Solar Panels provide a means for our customers to control their current and future costs of electricity. Data from U.S. Energy Information Association shows that the price of electricity has increased about 3 cents/kWh in the last 10 years, and is projected to keep growing. Our goal is to protect our customers from future price increases by developing and installing solar panel systems.
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LED Lighting and Fixtures

LED lighting renovations are relatively inexpensive, deliver a quick return on investment, and improve the lighting quality of the commercial building. With the latest improvements to LED luminaries, lighting control systems and sensors, along with reductions in pricing, now is the time to invest— whether for new construction or for a lighting retrofit in a commercial office.

Energy Consulting

EnergyCo Partners ’s energy consultants offer a custom approach to provide forward-thinking ideas and solutions in this critical, complex, and ever-evolving industry. Our specialized experience and advanced analytic approach to problem solving allows us to provide breakthrough insights for clients.

Energy Audits

Our professional team assess your building for savings opportunities. For example, savings are revealed through evaluation of lighting, heating, ventilation equipment, controls and all other equipment that uses energy. 
Our Process in Identifying Smart Energy Savings Solutions:

Discovery : Discovery is finding out what is important to you as the customer , by discussing sustainable practices, understand your organizations goals and how Energy Co can help you become more energy efficient .


Energy Audit :Our Professional team assess your building for savings are revealed through evaluation of lighting heating ,ventilation equipment, controls and all other equipment that uses energy .


Proposal : Centered on your goals, we'll show propose solutions in both technical and financial terms.


Project Recommendation :Centered on your goals, we will provide you with a professional analysis,which includes a list of appropriate and affordable energy solutions that will uncover savings for your company .We understand that cost is a major factor in the decision making and one of our strengths at Energy Co is to source the best products at the best prices,therefore passing on lean pricing to our customers.


Implementation :Our project managers will oversee the project from start to finish to create a smooth transition until project completion. We have several installation options available, in-house ,a national installation partner and local companies .



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