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Why We Do What We Do

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” EnergyCo Partners embrace products, materials and processes infused with nature’s intelligence and the very best of human technology.

Our Story

EnergyCo Partners was established in 2015 as an energy service company, our vision is simple. We help our customers buy, to save on there energy consumption. We supply and install LED’s, Solar, Energy Storage, HVAC, lighting controls and much more. Our strong partnerships and our focus on our customers break-even and return on investment are what drives our core value to you. Product pricing and labor cost can significantly impact the results, therefore, we provide lean product and labor cost and the results are lower pay-break period, higher return on investment and significant utility savings.

Our Team

James Freese

Chief Executive Officer

My professional goal is to creatively solve our customer’s problems from the simple issues to the complex.  My focus is to build relationships one satisfied customer at a time.  As CEO and majority owner in EnergyCo Partners, I direct and oversee the sales force, and work directly with EnergyCo’s technology, supply chain management and sales team members to develop product vision and brand management. We look for individuals who are problem solvers, decision makers, honest, creative, assertive and accountable.

The renewable sector is an ever changing environment and my job is to create strategies and solutions to attract new customers and most importantly to utilize the new technologies to increase our customers bottom-line. My job is drive EnergyCo Partners into global Energy Services Company (ESC) and aim to provide the highest quality of wide range energy-saving and renewable energy solutions.

We target commercial/individual real estate owners that want to offer green energy solutions to their tenants and save on their monthly/yearly utility costs. Our clients have come to depend on our customized energy efficiency programs to help them to meet their energy saving goals. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.”

  • LED Lighting (Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Solar Panels (Design/Installation/Leasing)
  • Energy Storage
  • Co Creation (Energy/HVAC Audits)
  • Partnership with Electrical Contractors (Outside Sales Force/Exclusive LED Supplier)
  • Partnership with Real Estate Companies (Refinancing with Solar, Solar Energy Communities)
  • Mini Utility Company (Solar Energy Leasing)

Pierre Yancy

Vice President/Chief Technology Officer

Mr Pierre Yancy is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of EnergyCo Partners. First joining the company as CTO, in August 2015 Pierre was named VP with a goal of  improving and implementing green energy mobile technology and digital marketing strategies.

Mr Yancy’s core responsibilities include executing the companies digital marketing strategy, implementing new custom software development opportunities, on-boarding of new global strategic partnerships  and managing all of the companies social media channels.  Pierre also  plays a key role with ensuring effective coordination of project support services, and resolving administration, technical, financial and personnel issues as they arise.



NEW Construction Projects are ideal candidates for LED and Solar Opportunities! 

If you are doing a new construction, remodeling, or buying an existing building, our services will help you increase your cash flow, support the environment and be a more competitive for leased space. Our quest to discover savings doesn’t stop with equipment and technology upgrades.  Utility and telecom audits under our shared savings program provide an additional avenue to discover savings.