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LED Lighting and Fixtures

We become your exclusive LED Supplier and Specialty Contractor.

Two options for updating your current lighting: Retrofits and Replacements: Retrofits involve leaving the existing light in place and by-passing the ballast and direct wiring the LED’s replacements involved removing the entire fixture and replacing it an LED fixture.

  • Energy Savings can range from 50 to 70%.. he longer the lights are on in a 24 hour period, the more savings you can realize by switching to LED lamps and fixtures.
  • Using motion and occupancy sensors are a significant value added opportunity for the sales process and a significant way to save on energy in addition to the LED technology.

Just like so many other product throughout history, i.e., the TV, telephone, cars, just to name a few, these products have evolved over time to perform better and better.  Ironically with lighting, most people are still using pre-1970 technology, and one of the major factors for slow integration to LED is cost.  But, that has changed, and changed in a big way, LED technology has matured and the cost has dropped significantly. 

Energy Audit

EnergyCo Partners have the B.E.S.T. program, Buy through Energy Savings Today often, the electrical savings are more than the finance payment, giving you LED lights and extra operating cash flow.

Lighting Proposal

Accurately estimating a return on investment for an LED lighting upgrade requires gathering key information, First, we gather data regarding the existing lighting system and lamps, including:

  • The current number of lamps
  • The wattage of the current lamps
  • The ballast factor of current lamps
  • How many hours a day lamps will be on
  • How many days of the week lamps will be on
  • The current kilowatt hour rate
  • The yearly cost of maintaining the current lighting system

Next we will propose the new LED lighting options and provide proposal including installation or without if business is providing installer 


Rebate Review

We will find local and state tax incentives and rebates and provide you an estimate on how much money your project qualifies for.

Bill Monitoring

Monitor your energy bill for energy savings

Reach out to us today to schedule a on site energy assessment