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Solar Energy

Solar Energy (Commercial)

In the last five years, solar PV costs have declined to the point that standalone solar PV systems can be financially feasible for affordable housing owners and at times more feasible than deeper energy-efficiency retrofits. As a result, solar PV is increasingly credible as a way to offset electricity consumption after a first level of energy efficiency retrofitting. At a policy level, providing incentives to finance solar access for low-income communities has emerged as a second significant step for reducing energy costs for low-income renters in affordable housing.

Commercial rooftop solar projects offer an excellent financial return in most markets. Solar Panels provide a means for our customers to control their current and future costs of electricity. Data from U.S. Energy Information Association shows that the price of electricity has increased about 3 cents/kWh in the last 10 years, and is projected to keep growing. Our goal is to protect our customers from future price increases by developing and installing solar panel systems. We provide a turnkey solution, with our in-house installation, procurement and engineering for solar energy.

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The Different Types of Solar Setups for Commercial Buildings

The variety of rooftops found on commercial buildings can prove difficult for any rooftop solar engineer and contractor. No matter the challenge, EnergyCo Partners is adamant about bringing the original roofing company into the project to ensure the rooftop warranty honored. This step is essential to ensure continuous rooftop warranty coverage.

Composite or built-up rooftops are common. These are often the easiest to work with because the material is readily available.

Commercial Solar Array

Standing seam metal rooftops can be ideal for attaching commercial solar arrays because rooftop penetrations are not required to secure the array into place. We use a seam clamp to mechanically fasten the metal roofing to the solar array.

Solar Commercial Rooftop

The modern roof membrane is generally a single ply membrane made of a variety of different materials. These single ply membranes can be excellent for rooftop solar arrays because they are long-lasting and easy to repair and maintain over time.

Solar Commercial

Working with a rock or gravel ballasted rooftop can be a challenge. In many locations the rocks will need to be removed to allow for the solar array mounting system to make positive contact with the roof surface. If the rocks are not moved, they will be pushed into the membrane and provide locations for water settling and intrusion.

Solar Commercial Rooftop
Solar Commercial Rooftop